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Burn Permit

Burn permits are valid from January 1 to December 31 every year. Remember to check the current Fire Danger Rating before burning either on our website, calling 1-877-847-1577 for the Muskoka Fire Rating or the Georgian Bay Fire Department at 1-705-538-2337.

Please complete a new burn permit application form for each property. Multiple properties will not be accepted on one application.

Please fill out your home mailing address in the boxes below, all fields are mandatory. 

Review the following burning guidelines:

  • Review and abide by Burning By-law 2019-18.
  • Burn only class “A” combustible materials.
  • Don’t burn kitchen garbage, treated or painted lumber/construction materials or materials made/or containing rubber, plastic, tar, or other hazardous material.
  • Campfires must be no greater than 1 cubic meter and bonfires must be no greater than 2 cubic meters.
  • Fires must be under constant supervision and controlled at all times.
  • Daytime burning is permitted.
  • Do not burn on days where smoke will blow across roadways and hamper driving visibility.
  • Always have proper extinguishment tools on site.
  • If the Chief Fire Official, officer or a member of the fire department deems a fire to be in contravention of the burning by-law, the fire shall be extinguished.
  • The Chief Fire Official, or designate, or Municipal Law Enforcement Officer, has the right to revoke an issued permit upon receipt of any complaint or violation of any part of Burning By-law 2019-18.
  • The current Ministry of Transportation rate charged shall be per fire apparatus for every hour of part thereof that the fire department is on site.
  • NON-RECREATIONAL FIRES (bonfires), FIREWORKS, ARE NOT ALLOWED when the Fire Danger Rating is HIGH.
I hereby certify that I have read and understood the requirements and regulations governing Open Air Burning described in By-law 2019-18, and that I will comply with all such regulations.
I understand that charges could be laid for contravening Burning By-law 2019-18.

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