Burn Permit

Burn permits are required between April 1 and October 31, every year. Remember to check the current Fire Danger Rating before burning. 

Review the following burning guidelines:

  • Don't burn petroleum products, plastics, rubber or anything that will cause excessive smoke
  • Burn only dry materials
  • Keep the fire at least 10 metres from buildings
  • Burn less than one cubic metre of material at a time and stay with the fire at all times
  • Don't burn on days where smoke will blow across roadways and reduce driving or where rain, fog or any weather condition prevents the proper dispersion of smoke
  • Always have proper extinguishment tools on site
  • On days when the Ministry of the Environment issues an Air Quality Index warning (smog alert), all outdoor burning is prohibited
  • Absolutely NO BURNING or FIREWORKS permitted when the Fire Danger Rating is HIGH or EXTREME.

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