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Bressette House Market Vendor Application

Regular Season Tuesdays 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


Please fill out the application in full, as well as submit the copy of vendor insurance including the Township of Georgian Bay on the rider and Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit Vendor Application by uploading below or emailing to Trisha at



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Vendor Type

Vendor Fee

Weekly Vendor: 

Pay on a week by week basis, payments must be received prior to set up.

$ 25.00 per week

Full Seasonal Vendor:

Full season paid for must agree to attend to ensure market is full for consumers

    $ 250.00 per season                                       

Community Groups & Organizations:

Maximum 2 groups per week, sign up prior to. Spot provided on a first come first serve bsies. Selling of items for fundraising only.


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Bressette House Market Rules

Our Mission

  • To provide a venue for local primary producers within the Georgian Bay/Muskoka region to sell their products.
  • To provide space for local community groups to promote their causes and programs.
  • To strengthen the connections between local food, farmers, and the consumer through direct contact via market days and sales and education.
  • To promote a festive and vibrant community experience by inviting local food vendors and artisans into the market to showcase the value-added production of local food and artisanship of local craft makers within the region.
  • To build relationships with the community and to promote the economic, social and cultural value of agriculture within the region.

Rules and Regulations

The Bressette House Market is a Township operated market, staffed and regulated.
The Bressette House Market it open from 9:00am to 1:00pm on Tuesdays from May 18 to October 5.

1. Set-up is from 7:00am and must be completed by 8:45am. Vehicles must be moved to the designated parking areas by 8:30am, one vehicle per vendor only, and not on the road. Your booth must remain set-up until 1:15 p.m. and NO vehicles are to be moved before that time.
2. Tents, canopies, and all products must always be fully secured. Weather can change quickly and is unpredictable.
3. Only approved items may be sold. Please ensure that you have provided photos and have listed all items that you wish to sell on your application. All items sold by artisans and crafters must be hand made by the vendor, and the vendor or a family member must operate your booth.

4. If you are selling processed foods, it is your responsibility to obtain certification and have ready to show to the Public Health Department by the first day of market. Your certification is to be clearly posted in your booth on all market days.
5. Your company name and pricing must be clearly displayed.
6. The Market Manager is responsible for the weekly operation of the market and has final say in the operations. Any unresolved concerns may be made in writing and submitted to the Township for resolution.
7. Private insurance coverage is required. You will need to add the Township of Georgian Bay to the certificate and provide a copy with your application.
8. A positive, respectful, and polite attitude towards other vendors, the public, and the market is always to be maintained.

Vendor Hold Harmless Agreement

I have read and am fully aware of current Bressette House Market Rules and Regulations. I hereby agree to comply with these regulations and all other Federal, Provincial, District Health Unit, and local regulations, and I apply knowing full well I will forfeit my right to sell at the Bressette House Market if I am found to be in non-compliance. Furthermore, I shall indemnify and hold-harmless, the Township of Seguin and the Bressette House Market, its members, agents, board of directors, and employees, from and against all claims, demands, losses, damages, actions, suits of proceedings, by any third parties that may arise out of, or may attribute to all operations performed by or carried out by his/her agents, employees, or anyone for whose acts he/she may be held liable, howsoever caused. I also agree to the release of my name/business name and/or photographs for use in current or future promotional publications, articles, and website in connection with the Bressette House Market.

Bressette House Market Vendor’s Agreement

All vendors must sign the following agreement stating that they have read, understand and agree to be governed by the market Rules and Regulations and By-Laws, as well as agree to the Vendor Hold Harmless Agreement (all available on our website). The Bressette House Market Registrar will keep this application and signed agreement on file. By signing below, I certify that all declarations made in this application are accurate and are a true representation of my business. Further, I agree to the collection of my personal information as I have provided in my application and to receive future e-mail correspondence from the Bressette House Market.

I have read and do understand the Bressette House Market rules and regulations, the by- laws, and the vendor hold harmless agreement, and I agree to be governed by them.
I will forfeit my rights to sell at the Bressette House Market if I am in non-compliance with the policy and regulations.


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